We are Taco Rocket Games

from Austin, TX

Our Story

Our story is pretty simple. Paul had a great idea for a game that we thought everyone would like so we hit the ground turning it into a product. While working to bring a game to life you get really inspired and a lot of ideas start to flow. Our first game is just the beginning of the story.

Paul Lopez Photo
Paul Lopez

Soccer player, playwright, hip-hop enthusiast, t-shirt head, and pickler.

Paul is a social worker who is always coming up with fun new activities. Turning his activities into actual games everyone can play is a new venture for him.

Joshua Kemmerling Photo
Joshua Kemmerling

Father. Husband. Web developer. Austinite. Pizza addict. Dr. Pepper lover. Vacuum repairer.

Josh is a software developer by day and enjoys working on creative projects in his free time. After playing a lot of games, he's excited to create games that encourage people to have fun.